My Possessive Psycho (boyxboy)

My Possessive Psycho (boyxboy)

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AscendantSwiftie86 By SwiftieAscendancy Updated May 08

"He lacks love, empathy, guilt, shame, just emotions in general! He's just this shallow emotionless person, so just be careful around him, he's violent too. But don't worry, he never stayed longer than a month at his past schools, he's just that insane! Take care, Hun," Mrs. Brads said to me.

A few more years... Just a few more years...

Carmine waits for the day for things to get better. As a 16 year old battling both depression and social anxiety, he pushes himself to maintain his impressive grades in hopes of finally being happy and for things to get better. 

He's doing a pretty great job of getting through high school so far, until he's stuck with a psychopath...

Carmine's problem is Nicodeme. Nico is suffering chronic mental illness which makes him a psychopath. Little to no emotion, quiet, and known for being violent. Because Nico is a new foreign student from France, Carmine, being  the only student at Honour Fletcher Arts school who can speak French fluently, was chosen to help Nico around. And Nico is always a few steps too close to him, especially when other people get too close.

No one at school wants to be near Carmine because he's a nerd and he's gay. Some people don't want to be near Nico because he's a psychopath, but some do because he's ridiculously handsome. Carmine is already scared of Nico, but he might be his key to his long waited happiness.

Mellon-love Mellon-love Jun 22
Tears stream down your face and I-i-i-i-I will try and fix you
It's okay writing more just helps you get better! I haven't read your story yet but I'm sure you put  a lot of effort into it
ayanxmi ayanxmi Jul 17
My dad is 80 and healthier than most 50 yr olds (and he looks 50) he's probably gonna die at 100 or something
my grandma died last year.. she was 87. welp now i'm sad asf rn bc she was like a second mom to me
surenya surenya Jul 24
Never got to meet my grandpa because he died looong before I was born. He died working on someone's house but he fell off the roof. I think he was 37? Idk
Mellon-love Mellon-love Jun 22
Why am I imagining him having a convo with a ghost. This all seems very death-y