Bullied and kidnapped by..... One Direction?! ( Completed )

Bullied and kidnapped by..... One Direction?! ( Completed )

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Courtney By fflowerteens Completed

( Major Edits for this book !!!!)

Meet Eve and Carly.

Two girls that are facing the world together.

They both have the same story. Yet, when they try to give some flowers to dead friends, they enter a path way to hell..... or so they thought.

Tears. Love. Memories. Freedom.

What will the girls do when they know one of the boys?

What if it's One Direction?

What happens when boys get drunk?

What will the girls do for freedom?

Do they even want to leave? If so, how? Most importantly, When?

Find out in Bullied and Kidnapped By...One Direction

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Haadyah Haadyah Jan 07
Louis was dared to kidnap someone and he's actually going to do it ?
                              Seems legit
suicidols_ suicidols_ Feb 20, 2016
Hahahahahahah its kinda funny how Carly is Miranda cosgrove cuz her name was Carly when she was in the show Icarly 😂
JessLovesPTX JessLovesPTX Mar 03, 2016
I am still waiting for a fanfic where they move to Edinburgh Scotland 😂
Queen0f0reos Queen0f0reos Dec 12, 2015
Alot of kidnapped by one direction books start with a dare it's fine as long as it's not word for word
ElectraG13 ElectraG13 Jun 19, 2015
i think @MidnightMemories117 own this idea. her book is called sam amd cat kidnapped by o e direction nd  it all starts with a dare
Jess_isCrazy Jess_isCrazy Jan 30, 2015
Kind of jerk move to point this out rn but... EGLAND! That's fun to say hehe