Bloody Lies//g.d

Bloody Lies//g.d

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****Sequel to Bloody Ties****

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"I don't know what's real anymore." 

"Me. I'm real." He said, placing my hand on his heart. "And us, this relationship. It's real too." 

Grayson leaned down, and kissed me.


Nine months after narrowly escaping an encounter with demented Old Age vampires that almost cost Emily and her vampire boyfriend Grayson their lives, all the teens wanted was a summer full of fun, adventure and romance. 

This was not to be the case.

When Grayson starts disappearing for days at a time without reason or warning, Emily begins to question his devotion to herself and their relationship. 

Jealousies will surface and new rivalries are born. 

 Will the power of love and bond between two people be enough to sustain their relationship?

~~~~One lie is enough to question all truths~~~~


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"Dreams, dreams. I walk them; I live them. I delude myself with them. It's a wonder I can spot reality anymore."


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I love you bae! Thank you thank you! Yay Gremily. {I still haven't came up with a better ship name but eh}
Whorenesty Whorenesty Aug 04
Deep deep I like it blood will be evoked alot I can tell I wish I was your sister cause girl I would follow after you
Whorenesty Whorenesty Aug 04
These are the same trees in my state I live around these tree I wonder if Grayson is here
I read it out loud all at once and I just took a deep breath and it sounded like I just saw something creepy or paranormal 😂😭
I said in the last book Ethan reminds me of myself, and this is just another reason why.
Whorenesty Whorenesty Aug 04
Dusty old I like it my question is how the hell she sit down and stuff Grayson sitting beside unless you sat on the ground and played the piano