Howls of the Lost |The Re-Telling|

Howls of the Lost |The Re-Telling|

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Erin By KimberlyConnor Completed

Torian is different. 

As the Alpha, she takes pride in her small pack of nomads. One day her pack runs into a pack of territorial wolves and Torian meets her match, physically and literally. Logan is Torian's mate.

Immediately, despite the fate that they are mated, Torian takes a dislike to Logan. Despite her wishes, Torian is forced to stay with Logan and his pack. As Logan fights to show Torian that their mating wasn't a mistake, trouble is brewing within the clan of vampires Logan's pack had managed to keep at bay for over three hundred years. 

Now Torian is dragged into a battle she doesn't want to fight. Tragedy strikes and she is pushed to face her past and call upon help from the people she hoped to never have to see again: her family.

Will Torian be able to fight against the vampires alongside Logan and accept her destiny with him? Or will she forever remain a stubborn nomad with no one to hear her howls of the lost?