You Mine || Family First

You Mine || Family First

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Book 5 - The final book

Final Book 

It's been one hell of a ride

We're taking one last turn on this You Mine road trip to see what happens this time now that everyone is older and 3 years has been skipped 

Are relationships the same between anyone or growing apart because of personal reasons?

Is Maddie locked away or will she appear again and on who? 

Has Tremaine really changed his cheating ways or will he get sucked into what's out there that he's missing and what will Maria do or become if that happens at all?

Is parenting the same or will it get forced to be taken to a whole new level? 

After all 

Family will always come first 

That's the motto 

Family First 


  • family
  • kids
  • love
  • marriage
  • trust

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