-Crybaby-Gaurence FanFiction-

-Crybaby-Gaurence FanFiction-

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Laundry detergent. By TsukiOokamii Updated 2 days ago

"Oh my Irene. Calm down." 

Laurence looked down at his best friend as he helplessly sobbed into his hands. Garroth couldn't control himself. He was straight up crying. All the depression and anxiety of everything going on is finally leaking out. 

"L-Laurence I- can't.." 

More tears fell. 

"Jesus what a crybaby. Grow up."

Temp Cover!!! 

Also, I get comments saying people prefer Laurence as bottom. And I'm sorry, that may be the way Aphmau likes it as well, but I prefer the old shy Cinnamon roll Gar over the new disgusting creation in lovers lane. So I would appreciate it if people stopped commenting about those things. Because this is the way I wrote the story. With Gar as the feminine side. There is a massive amount of gaurence books on wattpad. So please find one you enjoy, instead of making me feel bad of the way I like my ship. Thankyou!

horseluv05 horseluv05 Dec 12, 2016
Ok Garroth is like me in a way but I'm a girl to me I was a mistake to the world and yeah
Pastel-Ghost- Pastel-Ghost- Nov 21, 2016
Me: Hey at least your not in school. That would add more stress
-lovelysivan -lovelysivan Sep 24, 2016
same. i feel u garroth because u are the male version of me.
Ifdifop Ifdifop a day ago
'They call me crybaby, crybaby but I don't F***ing care, crybaby, crybaby, I laugh through my tears~' Sorry I had to.
ShadowPig ShadowPig Oct 16, 2016
Sometimes you aren't aware of the inside pain until it all comes out as tears. Sometimes crying helps because every tear is slowly letting you become aware of what you need and what you feel, even if you are confused at first. Just let it out.
- - Oct 10, 2016
@-surburbia Eh, I don't know what it's got to do with Mel, but I think that it doesn't relate to her at all.. Sorry... :/