Sam x Reader: Stay Awhile

Sam x Reader: Stay Awhile

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Moose In The Impala By Sofaloofa Completed

You live in a fairly large town, where the people that pass through are different everyday, and the people who pass through the diner you work in are even more varied. You meet a lot of different people in your town- especially hunters. 

So you began saving an extra room in your house for them. A place where they could stay the night and not have to pay anything, because you knew money was usually short with hunters. You thought you could do this because you would never see the same hunter twice, and that it would all be good. 

And then the Winchesters came along.

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Cookieraven Cookieraven Jul 11, 2017
Ok? Ok! OK?! He is a HANDSOME BADASS MOFO I SEEN IN TELEVISION HISTORY!!! ...but I'm a Sammy girl 😊😊
SPgirl15 SPgirl15 Sep 04, 2017
I like both Winchesters. I prefer Dean probably because of the bad boy vibes and he has a lot of issues and I like helping people when they feel bad so yeah. Dean is HOT🔥Sammy is pretty hot too
I-Is-Apples I-Is-Apples Jun 23, 2017
Did you actually just call Dean OK??
                              I have to admit, you got guts
Angels_101 Angels_101 Jul 16, 2017
Well we know have anything to do with Dean considering his just "okay." Poor Dean 😂😂
Pickle_Rick Pickle_Rick Jul 09, 2017
I'm crying HE NOT JUST OK HES A SEXY MONSTER ( my cringe is real )
EmoWolf101 EmoWolf101 Jun 24, 2017
XD Just you go into detail about Sam but Dean, Nah, he's okay XDXD