Duchess & the Damned (A Victorian Erotic Romance) [Published] [#Wattys2017]

Duchess & the Damned (A Victorian Erotic Romance) [Published] [#Wattys2017]

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Author Jaz Johnson By SometimesINovel Completed

"Her nearly bare shoulders from her slipping gown were hunched upwards, while her hands buried themselves in the roots of the man between her legs. A man recognized to be none other than Charles. Hands gripped onto the outer of both Emilia's thighs to support her, he knelt before her, steadying her weight on the windowsill and his shoulders to allow his head to nuzzle.
The sound of her constant panting - a desperate attempt to keep the loud moans at bay - quickly warmed the peeping chef's cheeks as he looked on in utter shock. Emilia's toes curled and pointed as Charles' head shamelessly nuzzled closer, the sound of his technique ringing in their ears. Throwing her torso over him, Emilia clawed at his shoulders as his tongue tortured her in the most desirable of ways.
"Ch-Charles," she gasped, clutching onto the fabric of his blouse as her legs twitched with the arrival of a second orgasm.
"Be still," was his only breathy response as he continued the assault. "

All Charles ever wanted was to be Emilia's one and only. Confined to her butler and guard, he hoped that he would one day earn her father's blessing.

Unfortunately for him, he loses to the hand of a Prince. At the tender age of eighteen, Emilia receives word of her engagement to be, and couldn't be happier.

But as if the news wasn't devastating enough, the inexperienced Duchess wants him to teach her the ways of intimacy! Wanting to prepare herself for her husband to-be. Tempted to live out his fantasies before losing her forever, he accepts.

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marbyforevs marbyforevs Mar 06
This book is not yet done! So better save yourself of cliffhangers ! Such wast of time!😡😡😡😡
FaviChimery FaviChimery Jan 16, 2017
Oh how cruel unrequited love can be
                              My heart aches for Charles
lizzymanda lizzymanda Jan 27, 2017
He's the one who brushes her hair??? Isn't she supposed to have a maid