The Fire Angel (ATLA Fanfic)

The Fire Angel (ATLA Fanfic)

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Darkninja7 By Darkninja7 Updated 5 days ago

Lillian was a young girl who lived in the Fire Nation with her family. 

Her father... Well he was the very respected General Thorn. Training Lillian and her siblings to be the best of the best.


Lillian had a secret...
A secret that she was cursed to keep to herself.
"Do not let anyone know little one and do not show anyone, people fear what they do not know and cannot explain"

Those words were spoken by her grandmother before she disappeared.... 
Forever... And soon after her, so did her brother's....

Follow Lillian in her journey where she helps her old childhood friend to capture the avatar and where she learns that maybe... She can trust Zuko Alone.

The legends and stories of the Great Tenshi disappeared along with the Avatar but they remained at their own Sky temple, waiting for a great leader to be born and for the Avatar to return.

I do not own avatar the last airbender, i only own my character and the plot...

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chimchim_got_no_jams chimchim_got_no_jams Jul 09, 2017
.....there's gonna some major screaming and fighting then.....
nolongeractivelol nolongeractivelol Sep 02, 2017
Eren: *Walks into room*
                              Eren: "What are you reading?"
                              Me: SHÍT
                              Me: "NOTHING JUST READING FANFICS"
                              Eren: "Tell me more about it."
                              Me: "Well if playing as this girl named Lillian Titan-"
                              Me: "SHÍT!"
                              Me: *JUMPS OUT OF WINDOW"
                              Eren: "TITANNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSS!!!"
Life_ispeace Life_ispeace Sep 07, 2017
Where can I get one of those crystals I'm crying right now 😭😢
_Bellaxbeba_ _Bellaxbeba_ Feb 09, 2017
*Oh I'm so lucky I get to learn German this year, time to sing AOTs first line xD*
Ashley2864 Ashley2864 Feb 13, 2017
This story is honestly amazing I just wish you'd write it in her point of view rather then third person
-The-Architect -The-Architect Sep 09, 2016
I am most definitely going to begin reading this tomorrow. Too tired right now, though. Can't wait to get started! Looks interesting.