Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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Don Easton By DonEaston Updated Aug 15, 2016

Jack Taggart, an undercover Mountie, lives in a world where the good guys and the bad guys change places in a heartbeat. Taggart is very good at what he does. Too good to be playing by the rules. The brass decide to assign a new partner to spy on him.

Taggart's new partner discovers a society dependent upon unwritten rules. To break these rules is to lose respect. To lose respect is to lose one's life. 

Loose Ends is terrifying. It is a tale of violence, corruption, and retribution, but it is also a story of honour and respect.

  • canadian
  • mountie
  • thriller
  • undercover
Wow. You have a wonderful writing style. I look forward to reading more. (:
DonEaston DonEaston Aug 30, 2016
Glad you like the story. I don't read fiction at all and tend to prefer scientific journals or things related to quantum mechanics and theoretical physics. Having done the work I used to do, I don't find crime stories appealing. That being said, good luck on your writing endeavors!
eddielovesgaga eddielovesgaga Aug 30, 2016
I loved your story!!❤️ Can you please check out my both of my stories? Please be sure to vote and comment! Thanks!
- - Aug 31, 2016
Well. I've no words... As a fan of really dark stuff and stylized violence,   this silenced me. It's because of your bio... Knowing how authentic this chapter is... kudos to you man.... I respect you for having to endure the sights you've seen.. I'm inspired by you.
- - Aug 31, 2016
Like my friend @DJAtomika  our books are both gritty so should I send an email because I live in what people would call the gritty parts of London but as a young kid, I've never had the chance of experiencing anything. So I'd like for you to possibly "mentor" me
DonEaston DonEaston Aug 31, 2016
Sorry, I receive requests almost daily to ask me to review someone's writing, mentor or give talks. My personal time has become very limited and too valuable for me to accept such requests any longer.