Tim Drake X Reader One Shots

Tim Drake X Reader One Shots

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BloodyPainter_1 By BloodyPainter_1 Updated Dec 04, 2016

The last thing I remember was when I was at school in science class when Joker's men broke in. I hit one of the men with a burner then everything went black.

I woke up and I saw the Joker standing there laughing like a maniac. I wasn't smiling or crying or laughing. Then I noticed that Harley Quinn was standing there and Joker said to her  "I guess we'll have to teach her how to laugh." Joker looked at me and asked "why so serious?" 

Just as he was about to hit me with a crowbar I heard the sound of glass braking and then I felt a small amount of hope rise inside of me when I saw Red Robin. Red Robin said "I'm going to tell you one time. Leave. Her. Alone." The Joker laughed then Red Robin took him and Harley Quinn down.

Red Robin walked up to me and asked "are you ok?" I looked up at him and said "yea. Thanks to you." 
Red Robin smiled and picked me up bridal style and he carried me out of that building.
Red Robin glided from rooftop to rooftop with me in his arms. I pulled my (h/c...

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