National Anthem [#wattys2016]

National Anthem [#wattys2016]

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Daddy🦂🤷🏼‍♀️ By emmsandy Completed

~ a love story for the new age ~

(Mentions of daddyxlittle)
~ money is the anthem, of success ~

~ experiment 0803 ~

I would have felt bad for taking it but then would have been like b*tch bye
(Runs up and down the hall screaming)
                              STRANGER DANGER
                              STRANGER DANGER
                              STRANGER MUDDAFREAKING DANGER
AGAGAGAGAG a I'm cringing so hard rn that's a shitty thing to di
RedPanda___ RedPanda___ Jan 04
I kinda find it rly hot when girls go straight (cough cough gay) to the point. NOT ALWAYS ALWAYS BUT SOMETIMES. Im going to helll byyeeeee
Pjoshipper818 Pjoshipper818 Dec 15, 2016
I'm an idiot. I thought the main kid was Scott and the one who bought his coffee was avi because it said a deep voice. Nope. The first is mitch and the second is Scott.
I shall hit them with a bar of f-cking soap
                              Don't even ask