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Just one Last Kiss Before You Wake Up (SasuNaru)

Just one Last Kiss Before You Wake Up (SasuNaru)

20.1K Reads 1.2K Votes 21 Part Story By LolMarii Completed

It's a normal day at the Hidden Leaf Village until a mission was assigned to team 7 to relocate a powerful Forbidden Jutsu that can let a Shinobi's hidden feelings come to reality without realizing it. Sasuke and Naruto face obstacles that can change their lives forever. Naruto seems to be affected by this Jutsu and wakes up falling in love with Sasuke that recently woke him up. As team 7 tries to release the GenJutsu that was put onto Naruto, Sasuke finds himself falling in love with Naruto every day.

Disclaimer: This book was inspired by the the doujinshi "Insider".

So don't, don't, don't wake me up~ (Sorry I really love Pierce The Veil)
this story kinda sounds like a doujinshi i read a week ago, just a bit different in how Naruto got in love with Sasuke... Oh well! still a good story
Naruto my young naïve fool that is your inner gay reaching out to the surface.😏
Ahhhh i know what your doing your copying that doujishi when sakura puts a genjutsu on naruto then naruto feeds sasuke then naruto washes sasuke then sasuke kisses naruto then sasuke tells naruto he prefers the normal naruto while the actual naruto watches in shock yeah this is not a original story
HuggerLover HuggerLover Nov 27, 2016
Nose. Bleed. Nose. Bleed. Nose. Bleed. Nose. Bleed. Nose. Bleed. Nose. Bleed. Nose. Bleed.
HuggerLover HuggerLover Nov 27, 2016
"Don't wake me uuuuuuuuuppppppppp!!!" By Chris Brown,  Don't Wake Me Up. I'm sorry people. I had to.