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Mystreet RP

Mystreet RP

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_brizzle_ By _brizzle_ Updated Jan 18

The title says it all

IrishInstitute IrishInstitute Nov 17, 2016
Name: Alianna 
                              Age: 20
                              Gender: female
                              Personality: Bubbly, can be rude, sassy, Easily Frighted.
                              Looks: In my Weird book.
                              Likes: Books, Drawing, anime, cats,The color purple.
                              Dislikes: Gene, his gang, bullies, being told what to do.
                              Siblings: Aphmua (older sister)
                              Other: Her crush is garroth.
HorsesRock345 HorsesRock345 Nov 01, 2016
Name: Autumn 
                              Age: 15
                              Gender: Female
                              Personality: shy, kind, caring, sensitive, nerdy
                              Looks: long brown hair, pale skin, red hoodie, blue jeans, hazel eyes, black glasses
                              Likes: Garroth, cats, games, Gene
                              Dislikes: Michigan,
                              Siblings: Laurence
                              Other: has crush on Gene and Garroth
ScribbleWolf200 ScribbleWolf200 Dec 13, 2016
Name: Ice cold
                              Age: 19
                              Personality: Rude sometimes, lonely
                              Looks: black hoodie, werewolf ears, black mask, brown hair, red eyes
                              Likes: other people(except bullies) Aphmau, and dogs
                              Dislikes: Ivy, michi
                              Siblings: none
                              other: Is a Demon
zoey__samba zoey__samba Dec 04, 2016
                              Looks:icy blue eyes,wears black and gray with black mask
                              Likes:rearly anything
                              Dislikes: having fun
                              Siblings: none
                              Other:is a mefaw
Name: Larissa 
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: female
                              Persona: kind shy jumpy 
                              Looks: short brown hair and brown eyes
                              Likes: being with friends 
                              Dislikes: being alone or being around rude people
                              Siblings: Dante Gene
                              Other: has a crush on Travis and wasn't meant to be here Larissa was thee product of an affair
                              Mysterious and quite
                              Looks: profile only with hood and norm clothes
                              Likes: dark
                              Dislikes: sun
                              Siblings: Laurence
                              Other: she is afraid of lightning and thunder and likes zane no one knows tho