Burn, Burn, Burn (Book 1 in the Burn Series)

Burn, Burn, Burn (Book 1 in the Burn Series)

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Bronnie By Psycodelicsquirrel Completed


"Why, why did you do that?" I asked still trying to refill my lungs. 

Flynn looked at me with a frown and then moved closer, I held my hand out to stop him but he just laced his fingers together with my own and moulded his body to mine against the wall, he growled and the look in his eyes was so possessive my knees almost buckled. 

The next word he uttered made my heart stop and everything with Emma made sense. 



Riley and her family are on the run. After seeing her father murdered brutally by rogues and almost losing her own life, they are not willing to take any chances. 
But after eight years her family finally stop running, she goes to regular school and makes normal friends, until she meets Flynn Lauder, the short tempered, 100% sexy, and protective Alpha of the Ashen wolf pack. 
Sparks fly between the pair, literally, but Riley isn't sure if she can handle the heartbreak of losing another loved one, but Flynn isn't keen on letting her go.

But what happens when the people you've been hiding from for so many years suddenly find you?

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What about when one of you is.. you know? That would be weird...
brodgers257 brodgers257 Aug 01
Make Allegra out of them and then put them into a lemon-launching sniper rifle and 360 no scope someone randomly walking on the side walk 😂😈👌
brodgers257 brodgers257 Aug 01
I'm 5"8 and I'm 15 I might be taller by now.. (I have a lot of tall people in my family)
When I was nine my friend said she'd like to ride my brother like a pony, i thought she meant a piggy back, now I know differently
_miagracee_ _miagracee_ Jul 26
So like what if they're mating? Will the other twin feel it lmao 💀
Lol! Everyone  is commenting their age, while I'm sitting here thinking how the heck is he so tall