The billionaire and me

The billionaire and me

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Star laboratories By abi_gailm Updated Jan 16

" what do you mean I'm fired " I scream at the idiotic man in front of me 

" get your stuff and get out silver KNOW" screamed Dylan my ex-manager 

Grabbing my bag I turn around and leave slamming the door behind me with a loud clang sitting on a bench in the park I let the tears slowly spill down my cheeks. 
I feel the bench dip down beside me a warm yet masculine voice say 
" a beautiful girl like you shouldn't be crying "

It's a bit confusing with the names, the first letter in a name is always big
ZeroTallerAnts ZeroTallerAnts 6 days ago
So 1 million a year...that's like about 83 THOUSAND A MONTH!!! DUDE TAKE THE JOB!!!
Cluelessbubble Cluelessbubble Aug 09, 2016
Just for general knowledge - burj Khalifa in dubai is the tallest building of the world and it has 163 floors
Nelirifat Nelirifat Nov 16, 2016
Well, where can we get these millionaire bosses??? Cuz crying on a bench doesn't help every time! :)))) This guys don't fall from the sky! Lol :))