Meta Class

Meta Class

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Nadya, barely even seventeen, qualified as Meta. 
  The idea was beyond her. Besides, all she did was slay a dragon, claiming to have worn her lucky stockings that day.
  The Errant's League had been around for generations, but anyone could be a plain-old knight looking for high adventure.
  It took grit, courage, and a whole lot of insanity to survive in the Meta division, let alone become a member. 
  Just as she joins, a warlock threatens to tear apart the already weakened kingdoms of the continent.
  Being the only girl in a stunningly attractive group of warriors, the responsibility of saving the world is shoved into their hands. 
  Sticking close together soon becomes their best option, on top of aggravated secrets and feelings. 

Note: You WILL go insane with ship trauma. You've been warned.


**Contains Swindlebird references--kudos to you if you can spot them :)

That was an awesome prologue! I can't wait to see what's next
I'm so excited for this! I can already tell that this book is gonna be awesome.
BloodySauce BloodySauce Jul 16
This popped into my feed, and when I read this, I'm getting jealous on how amazing you make your stories feeling so real.
BloodySauce BloodySauce Jul 20
I just love it how how this story becomes so realistic. I feel like I'm watching a movie, to be honest.
I think that's so funny, because I don't make a huge deal about breadsticks either, but everyone else is always so excited about them xD
WHoa I totally hadn't realized this existed until a few minutes ago. So sorry I haven't read it sooner! But so far, amazing as always, you never fail to impress :D