Brave and Tortured

Brave and Tortured

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Lari Jones By badassgirly Updated Jan 01

Carter Manning is sixteen and had been abused since she was ten. Nobody knows what goes on inside the walls of her home. She's too scared to tell anyone and too scared to run. Her mother died giving birth and her father blames her. Her step mother and step brother consider a her a worthless piece of crap. 

Tyler Greyson is seventeen and has an amazing, beautiful and kind family. His family is rich and Tyler seems to have never had a problem in his life. He's smart, kind and funny like the rest of his family. But he's got a secret.

What will happen when Tyler meets Carter? When they talk for the first time? How will she change his perspective on the world and how will he show her the good in it? What will happen when secrets are revealed? Join Tyler and Carter in their journey to new perspectives and true love.

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NOTE: I will be taking the story down to edit once it is complete. If you get so mad with the incorrect wording, use of words or spelling, idc. Ima fix it later. Even real, published books have errors. I've seen them.

nana88321 nana88321 Sep 07, 2016
I have no words! This chapter gave me so many emotions. I'm excited to read this! 😃
It is just the first chapter, and I'm already likinh this book. Yes, it is a sad story, but the way you write it in is so good. It makes  it exciting, and I'm looking forward to reading more :)
jccworks jccworks Jan 10
omg, I get this feeling that the protagonist has been punished by this family, and I'm just overly curios why! I love the writing you've done so far, it's relatable and easy to follow!
-romantically -romantically 5 hours ago
Lol I was just about to comment that above ^ since this is lit and not dialogue or thoughts the word government should be spelled out.
DimSceneX DimSceneX Jan 03
Because it isn't dialogue, it would be better if you didn't shorten the word to 'Gov.'
-romantically -romantically 5 hours ago
Just a note, it might be hard when there's only one perspective but it's odd for the MC to talk about their features. Naturally we don't think about how we look so we won't notice it. Maybe fit her features in later at a more natural time