InuYasha x reader

InuYasha x reader

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Mori-Senpai By NoellesSis Updated Apr 18

Once there was two girls born, twin sisters. The older twin (by 5 seconds) had lovely black hair and soft brown eyes the younger twin had beautiful silver hair and ruby red eyes. The girl's parents were surprised at the younger twin's appearance, but loved her none the less. They named them Kagome and _. But what the girls didn't know was that they were the reincarnations of an old priestess named Kikyo, who lost her life protecting a powerful gem called the Shikon Jewel from falling into the hands of a half demon named Inuyasha in feudal Japan. She sealed him onto a tree with her sacred arrow for 500 long years, but what happens when the girls find themselves in feudal Japan face-to-face with the half demon himself.

I don't own InuYasha or any of the characters other than the OC I made.
I don't own you either.

This story will be based off of the episodes from the anime

Hope You Enjoy It!

If the crow can see through the blankets then it can see through my uniform.... Pervert
ErrorAri ErrorAri May 19
I'm picturing Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss now when Naname(probs spelled wrong) kiss Tomoe as they fall and sealing a contract to make him her familiar lol
DiscoSquid DiscoSquid Jul 25, 2016
I thought Inuyasha's attack was called "Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer"
berthelot92 berthelot92 Sep 08, 2016
Couldn't stop laughing when you started to sing let it go lol
LunarFox42 LunarFox42 Jul 22, 2016
Eeeeeee! I wonder what tge rest of the story will be like. Plz continue.
8MadaM8 8MadaM8 Jan 22
I thought they were talking about reader and her odd hair/eyes?