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TordEdd: Just a Crazy Thing (Completed)

TordEdd: Just a Crazy Thing (Completed)

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banagic_wand By banagic_wand Completed

The story starts with an altered ending to the End: Part 2. When Edd goes to find Tord after Tom shot down his giant robot with his harpoon gun. Edd soon realizes his feelings but it's too late and he doesn't know when he will see Tord again.

if i were edd i woud have chased that car down wile scriming at ta top of me lungs "COME BACK HERE YE MOTHER FOOKERS AND GIVE MY TORD BAKE TO ME!!!"
O god, I read, "You can get a new face." GODDAMMIT DYSLEXIA!
Yes Tord, you dont deserve Edd as a friend. You deserve Edd as a lover.
Marionettepup Marionettepup Dec 17, 2016
do you really think even the worst person can change?
                              Me: YES CUZ I'M DETERMINED 
                              * you are filled with DETERMINATION to keep reading *
Smol_Chara Smol_Chara Jan 13
Holy bowl of this delicious eddsworld cereal  did you just say. XD I'm sorry I had to.
"yes, you may have destroyed my house, lied to me, killed my neighbor and cat, tried to kill my friend, used me, and punched my friend in the face, but i still trust you and would like to be friends."
                              edd's logic.