Married to Mr. KAPOOR! [wattys2017] {Under Editing}

Married to Mr. KAPOOR! [wattys2017] {Under Editing}

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Fatima Alfihri ❄️ By Dazzling_fatima Updated Jan 11


She felt her whole body tense as the sound of engine reached at her ears and the flash of the headlights blinded her and she momentarily shielded her eyes until the car came to a halt. She stood there nervously, her heart was beating so faster, she wanted run from there but what if someone else has come here help her.

But what would happen if he had come here for again?

In a blink, she was pulled towards someone whose touch was known to her, she crashed with a thud on his chest. She hugged him tightly in happiness, her.....her brother has come to save her, how happy she was, she dose not have words to describe her happiness. Her eyes were beaming with new fresh tears. He was happy to found her, how restless he was when he didn't see on his place where a body was lying lifeless, a shiver run to his spine thinking about her, she was....was gone living her best friend alone to another world.

She took a fist of his shirt and clutched it to make herself stable to which he reciprocated by sliding his hand around her body, when he felt her hand clutching his shirt tightly he knows very well that how terrified she must be feeling,  how much she have gone through, he have to protect her from everything. 

Riya I will never forgive you for this.....never...never

Tears were rolling from her big beautiful eyes, his brother was wiping it but it seems someone has opened the tap of water, why he was not there when they needed her most? 

He hugged her so tightly that no one can make them, her heart was beating faster and more faster, her breathing were increasing....she was having problem but she didn't stop crying for min and she felt everything turning black and then she hears her brother shaking her chin little bit to make her wake but it was difficult to let them and then she closed them muttering "I love you"

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swasanraglak swasanraglak Aug 02, 2016
Bad girl! You should not make people jealous of you😭😭😭
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Really just Awsome yaar.......plzzzzzzzzz update soon...😀😀😀😀
Charming_Sunshine143 Charming_Sunshine143 Jul 14, 2016
After everything that happened....... Because of her only he fell on the ground!😂😂😂
Mindless_Prick Mindless_Prick Dec 30, 2016
It's awesome dear....
                              Reading your whole story once again 
                              Keep smiling