Married to Mr. KAPOOR! [wattys2017]

Married to Mr. KAPOOR! [wattys2017]

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Snowy Girl ❄️ By fatima_alfihri Updated Sep 29

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"So you are Swara Raheja" he said angrily while clutching his fist in anger and then started walking towards me, my heart was beating faster and faster.He he again asked what happened? Why are you getting so scared of me? I never thought that I'll marry a stupid girl like you.

"Whom i hate so much and the girl whom I never like in my life.How could you think  that I'll marry her.

I started walking back in fear, he was just forwarding towards me with so much anger and I feel some solid thing touch my back, I was just turned to leave but I felt a hand grab my wrist and sprang me to the opposite direction where I was heading.

"What do you think of urself Han! You'll do anything stupid and I'll not say, just wait and watch how I'll make your life hell. You play that prank on me how dare you? tell me damn it" He Shouted on me then held my hand so tightly that it pains like hell.

"I don't want to answer you and I will not marry you Mr! don't think so much" I said while protesting him, he is hurting me.God this man I surely would kill him.

"Oh! Poor girl youcan't say no for this marriage because your family is important for you and if you say then your family will suffer" he wishpers in my ears.I clutched my dress, try to control my tears which drop anytime.

I don't want to cry infront him because I don't want to show my weakness.I'll never show anyone.

"Don't think so much Mr, I'll convince my family to cancel your alliance with me, now leave me I have to go" I said try to remove his hand but it didn't removed because he held so tightly.

After listening me he pulled me closer again to him and wishpers I'll not leave you so easily.Just then someone knocks the door.



This is my first ever story guys and I hope you'll like as much as I love writing it.After reading it you'll not regret .Just give a chance 😀!!.

*Not edited read your own risk*

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swasanraglak swasanraglak Aug 02, 2016
Bad girl! You should not make people jealous of you😭😭😭
khushikumari45789 khushikumari45789 Sep 10, 2016
Really just Awsome yaar.......plzzzzzzzzz update soon...😀😀😀😀
Mindless_Prick Mindless_Prick Dec 30, 2016
It's awesome dear....
                              Reading your whole story once again 
                              Keep smiling