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Riker's Depression

Riker's Depression

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Kylie K By kylieskatz22 Completed

Ross is more famous than Riker. Girls keep using Riker to get to Ross. Riker becomes depressed that he doesn't seem to be good enough for anyone. Riker and Ross get into a big fight, and Riker gets blamed for everything. Will he ever be back to his normal happy self? Or will he end up killing himself?

not dissing  the other members, they all inspired me too, especially when Rydel plays keyboard :)
                              You are good enough.You've inspired me so much.
                              Without Riker, there is no R5, and without R5, there is no R5 Family.
Me: Get over here you big teddy bear! I can hug you all day until you feel better. Oh never mind... I probably sound ridiculous...
                              Riker:No you don't, you sound trustworthy, maybe I'll try to date you! (Walks away)
                              Me: (silently cheers)
                              Riker: (turns around and waves bye)
                              Me:(plays It cool)
RealmsofCreativity RealmsofCreativity Jul 16, 2016
When you get so lost into a fanfiction that you forget it's not real, and then see a fact that's not true (Ross doesn't work out) and you finally darn it
Christina-Grimmie-RP Christina-Grimmie-RP Sep 09, 2016
Oy... What kinda blade is that? The one that cut Riker's wrist? So it must be painful, eh? 😳
Christina-Grimmie-RP Christina-Grimmie-RP Sep 09, 2016
Smiling like an idiot? Lol Riker that's not you you only smile with a pure heart I have to say 😂😂😂💙