Mated With My Brother(UNDER REVISION)

Mated With My Brother(UNDER REVISION)

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Katherine Ordonez By KatherineOrdonez Updated Sep 04, 2016

"Ok, you ready?"  I nodded my head nervously. James' hands were laid gently over my eyes and I heard him take a deep breath.  "Here's goes nothing." James said quietly to himself.  He pulled away his hands and awe took over me. A carpet of rose petals lay before me carefully lined with small rounded candles. 

At the end of the rose petal carpet was a set table with candles giving a beautiful illumination to the room. Roses and plates were set upon the table as a waiter stood patiently. "Do you like it?" James asked nervously. "I love it." I said before giving him a tender, gentle kiss. 

Tessa Gray is your average all American teenager. She's wild, free-spirited, and lets just say she's enjoying the time she has left before she needs a mate. But when she finds out that her own brother is her mate, she tries to deny every possibility about it. She doesn't want a mate, let alone her own brother as a mate. So she does the only thing possible; she rejects him.

James Gray is the towns bad boy. He left a trail of broken hearts until he found out that his own sister is his mate. He's completely and utterly excited. He would do anything for his little sister. He knows everything about her so he wouldn't have a problem. Yet, he didn't know that she would reject him and leave him with a broken heart.

Join these two reckless, loving teens in their journey where they find out that love, betrayal, and fear may be the only things that can keep then sane and alive.

*When I orginally wrote this, I didn't realize how many other stories there were with the exact same incest plot. My Twin Is My Mate?! My Brother Is My Mate?! Even 'Mated With My Brother?!' So if you happen to read this story, and you have a story simliar to it, I'm sorry. I didn't know.*

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coffeeblaze coffeeblaze Jul 11, 2017
Tessa Gray and James? Sounds like the infernal devices to me. BUT THATS OK BECAUSE TID ARE AMAZINGGG
Those_Toxic_Lips Those_Toxic_Lips Mar 01, 2016
Why! Whyyyyyyyyyyy! You won't be able to live with out your mate!
Phari16 Phari16 Feb 27, 2016
This is probably the first werewolves book  i read that the girl rejected the boy.
booklynn12 booklynn12 Oct 22, 2016
Is there a specific reason her name is Tessa gray and is related to tid or is it just ironic and James 😂 🤔
TrieshaBublegumFayso TrieshaBublegumFayso May 31, 2015
no, she didnt maen it we can reverse this right!!!...right!!!
- - May 27, 2015
Idek read books like this but I know enough to know that
                              THAT WAS THE DUMBEST MOVE YOU EVRT DID MAKE