Mean Girls Don't Cry | #ThePeopleOfSociety

Mean Girls Don't Cry | #ThePeopleOfSociety

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another shitty year By pelarrules15 Completed

[lowercase intended; includes mild language]

     i stare at
     the girl in the mirror
     her mascara running
     like a river
     down her cheeks
     her body shaking so much
     she just might break

     i bend down and 
     turn on the faucet
     i splash water on my face
     over and over and over

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lovesoslh lovesoslh Sep 06, 2016
Thank you finally pepole always misjudge the "slut/ex/mean girl" when they have NO REASON TO sure...they do shitty things to the good girl but that's cause the good girl is slowly sealing her man
ValentineAsalemo ValentineAsalemo Oct 19, 2016
I only had to read this chapter before i fell in love with this story. I can already see that you have a beautiful soul. You can see the beauty and potential in every character, including the so-called villain.  I've always wanted to read a story like this!! 👍❤️😃
- - Nov 28, 2016
This story is different 
                              It shows a point of view where no one seems to notice because we're told they're a villain 
                              Ya know?
thepeopleofsociety thepeopleofsociety Jul 14, 2016
Absolutely love the cover and your take on the story! :)  -yvania
fabhoe fabhoe Dec 31, 2016
@selfie268 @asethetic-gold finally I got a story dedicated to me 😋