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Trust Me

Trust Me

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Lydia Hurley By theHygge Completed

~c o m p l e t e d~
We were jumped.
It wasn't the first time. The city was rough, and we had grown up in it. Jake and I could handle it. There was a scuffle.
Then a gun shot. Jake stared at me with those blue eyes.
A kid. Just a kid stood behind Jake with a gun raised. He looked surprised. His buddy stared at Jake, then grabbed the kid and ran off.
My Jakie was dead before he hit the ground.

Quinn Williams was tough. She was tough enough to survive her father's beatings. She was tough enough to survive her mothers neglect. She was tough enough to survive on the streets for the majority of her life. But she was not tough enough to handle it when her best friend is shot and killed. She is not tough enough to let go, she is not tough enough to trust anyone, and she knows she isn't tough enough to fall in love.

Juvia_Scarlett Juvia_Scarlett Jun 24, 2015
I'm baaaaaaaccccckkk!!!! How are u darling?? this is only the first chapter yet i'm dying for more. Note to self. Re read the other books
Anon89 Anon89 Jan 22, 2015
It's a really good detailed opening chapter and makes me want to read on.
Weird_fweak Weird_fweak Oct 13, 2014
Omg I love this already. I'm so excited to read the rest. I have a feeling its gonna be real good.
Epigaea Epigaea Mar 17, 2014
I don't understand because jake didn't die he was in hanging on so did she think he died then he just left or something else I'm just a bit confused as to what happened there
carlacanread carlacanread Feb 09, 2014
This book is amazing! For all who read it just know youll love it!. If you dont then you insane
EntagledHearts EntagledHearts Oct 31, 2013
I love this so much, it has a really great start and it is just fantastic. xx