Contests of the Century

Contests of the Century

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The Century Team By WarriorsOfTheCentury Updated Dec 29, 2017

Contests have truly been around for centuries, and will be for many more to come.

Contests are battles to test your capability, wits, and adaptability. Do you think you're up to the test?

If so, listen up! We here at Century Team want to embrace the past of Contests, and the future of it. So we made this book - to truly celebrate the world's calling to be competitive.

You will find all kinds of contest here, ranging from art to writing, all in one place!

This book is a gift for all Yearlets for 800 followers, and dedicated to Raven, our writer.

Cover by: @-Skyfrost-

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WarriorWriter56 WarriorWriter56 Jul 21, 2016
I've sent it again, and got no rejection notification. Did you recieve the email?
- - Jul 23, 2016
Hi! This is --cookiemonster-- and I'm just telling you that I have changed my username, so there isn't a mix up with the entries or whatever.
WarriorWriter56 WarriorWriter56 Jul 18, 2016
I emailed my entry, but am not sure if it sent correctly. My email is horribly glitchy and very difficult to use. Did you get it?
Willowmyth Willowmyth Jul 18, 2016
What if I don't feel comfortable emailing stuff to other people?
- - Jul 23, 2016
Ah! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spam the comments. Why is Wattpad so glitchy! I apologize.
34797i2 34797i2 Jul 18, 2016
Do we have to draw the warriors logo or can we use an image from the internet? Because that is pretty hard to draw, for me, at least.