Mermaids (Narnia fanfiction) *Discontinued*

Mermaids (Narnia fanfiction) *Discontinued*

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Allalone97 By Allalone97 Updated Dec 13, 2013

My name is Star short for Starfish. I am mermaid and it is my duty to protect all creatures of the sea. King Caspian has ordered I watch these waters as he is sailing to find the seven lost kings.

I swam to the surface and saw Reap-a-cheep on the railing sharpening his sword. He saw me and waved.

" Hello Reep" I smiled

" Hello there Star. How is the water today?" He grinned

" Lovely, Is Caspian around?" I asked

Reap nodded and I saw King Caspian walk to the railing and look down at me.

" Your majesty I can sense something is wrong. You may want to slow the ship down." I said

" But Star it is a wonderful day, I trust your tail thought.." He smiled and disappeared into the ship.

I flipped onto my back and lifted my tail and slapped it onto the water as dropplets hit my cheeks.

I heard gurgling noised under the water and quickly dove down only to see three people swimming to the surface.

I grabbed the closest one to me which was a dark haired boy in strange clothing.

He looked ...