Taylor's Nest

Taylor's Nest

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Sofia Wren By SofiaWren Updated Aug 21, 2013

Taylor's Nest

-By Sofia Wren

Falling falling down the rabbit hole, I let my mind wander to the beginning. To where it began with us. 

I hungered to be back there, angled in bed with Taylor. Her blond waves lay across pliant breasts, before I combed them with my fingers. The strength of her hair is that of nylon ribbons, heavy duty thread laid against silk skin. 

I toy with the strands like a housecat. Back arched I rub myself in it, high on her catnip scent. I sighed, so cozy there, in her blanket of hair. The ends disappeared beyond my vision--it was long enough to span forever, a sensation that would never end. 

We could tug it over and around. I feel you under the covers, Taylor, and my palms are so cold. Your husky voice tells me so. I give you shivers and I pull away to show mercy. Your nipples pop out as you chide the absence of my hands. You tell me not to stop.

I go with you, and we heat up our hair. We heat up like we're baking. Inside I can feel the chemicals combine. I...

DeniseGardner2 DeniseGardner2 Aug 22, 2013
What a unique story. I like your writing. The wording is very good. This story actually places you in the moment. I'm glad you shared this story with us. Thank you.