Bananas and Pineapples

Bananas and Pineapples

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Everybody Talks too much ♥ By caramelfrappuccino Updated Aug 21, 2013


This 'book' is where I'm gonna put up some poems written by my cousin who is apparently too cool to publish themor whatever. I don't think she actually wrote but she claims to, so okay. They are pretty good, but not her...type.

I mean, she suggested the name for this 'book' which is completely irrelevent to its contents but oh well. And she is @BrainCordConnecti0n on wattpad now. She was @eatmyhead and @thebigoctopus before that so you get the idea of what type of a person she is.

But anyway! Poems are good, you have my guarentee! :D

lol, kay. Bye!

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