The  Mafia Bosses Secret ( A Glass Siblings Series , Book One )

The Mafia Bosses Secret ( A Glass Siblings Series , Book One )

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"So nice of you to join me Miss Glass " 
" NICE , NICE ? You practically kid- well id say kidnapped , but that's too nice a word for the torture I went and still am going through" I was breathing rapidly now , my anger getting the better of me .
 A dark chuckle brought me back to the situation at hand 
" now , now , I'm sure it wasn't all that bad , my men had very specific instructions to take the utmost care when escorting you here" he said with an annoying smirk on his face 
" UTMOST CARE ? IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL BEING DRAGGED mdnfhjddnfhfb" I couldn't get another word out as someone had grabbed me and put a massive hand over my mouth . I tried to bite it , but unfortunately it was just too big and covered my mouth tightly. 
" hmmm much better " came the voice obviously belonging to the man who restrained me . Considering the situation I was in you'd think I would have the common sense to be scared , nope , not me , I'm not that smart , I stamped on the foot of the bloke who'd been stupid enough to stand right behind me and elbowed him in the stomach , rather I tried doing those things , first off he was wearing steel toe capped boots and secondly after my failed attempt at that, he grabbed both my hands with the other one of his and held them tightly behind my back 
"Злющий одна она не босс ?"  , though the only word I understood in that whole sentence he just spoke was boss , damn if he didn't have a sexy voice. Just a shame he was an evil bastard like the one in front of me , who was now laughing and replying , 
"Hahaha , hет, она просто котенок с ее когти" 
Saying that he got up out of his seat and came over to me slowly . Apprehension and something else rose up inside of me . I closed my eyes not wanting him to see the conflicting emotions rising up in me , no sooner had I closed them when I felt something smooth stroke down my cheek , 
"Now then котенок lets get down to business , shall we ?"

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