My Remaining Minutes

My Remaining Minutes

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"Maya, with the tests we took, we found cancer in your blood." The doctor says after taking off his glasses and rubbing the brim of his nose.


Is he joking? This balloon of anxiety forms in my tummy and makes me want to barf. With it came a weight set on my shoulders.

There is a heavy pause before I look at him and swallow thickly. "What? Is it curable? What type of cancer is it? In my blood? There's Lynphoma. Or maybe Myeloma, or--, or there's Leukemia." I say to myself and think about it. Those are the most dangerous and well known cancers for blood. I would know, I want to become a nurse one day.

"Correct." The doctor says and nods, surprised at my knowledge. I snap my head to him and look him directly in the eye. "Which one?" I say icily.

He clears his throat uncomfortably while putting his glasses on again and examining the clipboard. "Leukemia."

I stay shocked for a moment, but it feels like hours. How have I never know of this?

I have cancer.

Time froze, like that game you play when you were younger. Listening to a song and pausing it while having to freeze. Freeze frame. It's like I'm stuck in that frozen silence.

"Well, I'm giving you two choices. You can do chemotherapy and have a slightly bigger living percentage rate. Or you can live you life normally for 3 months and die to it naturally."


The last day of high school was supposed to be the best day for Maya. She was supposed to walk out of those doors and feel rejuvenated of her newfound freedom. Instead of getting that, she got a car crash and He discovery of the cancer that's been poisoning her body.

Not knowing what to do with such small time left and such a small percentage of surviving, she creates her bucket list. All the way from riding on motorcycles, getting tattoos, stealing sunglasses, and even skinny dipping. But, will she be able to finish her final dreams before the time has twindled down?

Follow along Maya's journey on, "My Remaining Minutes."

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you're* :) i hope it's okay for me to comment the mistakes i notice !! i just want to help, in case you missed the mistake haha
last hope by Paramore popped up in my head when I read this sentence 💀😭
i looove the cover, it's so pretty and simple and minimalistic
When I sit in examination hall and take a look at the question paper.
                              I know then, that there is no hope.