A List Of Annoying Things On Wattpad (EDITING)

A List Of Annoying Things On Wattpad (EDITING)

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mariama By chclseafc Updated May 20, 2016

A bunch of annoying everyday things on wattpad.


(a/n this book is a parody don't get sensitive about it)

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You could have tagged the author... They should be ashamed to write such a thing.
Exacally. Especially love at first sight. You can't love someone you just saw. You know nothing about them. True love is liking someone for their personality. You don't know what they're like, so it's not true love. (Even celebraties
HEY I'VE READ SOME REALLY GOOD FANFICS also I've read literally every single McPricely fic on Wattpad oops
So unrealstic... Why is she going to an all boys boarding school?
I hate the "adopted by [insert boy band name here]" fanfics... Especially when the chick falls in love with one of them... They're like her step-parents how can she do that? Why would a group of boys adopt a girl? They might be rapists and killers for all you know..
"I'm going to go rape a baby" -The Book of Mormon (2011)
                              I'm sorry I now realise I am going to hell