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Ly'mere's would be something from books. Something that doesn't exist in the real world. They are designed to be powerful than Humans in every possible way. Heightened senses, abnormal speed, unbelievable strength and above all, fated with a gift.

For over centuries, a bed time story would be told of a young woman, born of the gift of being a Ly'mere. Something that is passed down to only males.

Her name was Raven, an abomination with unimaginable gifts and a prophecy of a young girl being the one and only hope of preventing the future War of the Lymere's.

Eva Lycathion.

~ His cold grey eyes sliced towards me, turning darker by the second and sharpening tauntingly as my body trembled in fear. You could feel the immense power that radiated off him as he stalked towards me, his lips twisting darkly into a small smirk.

He whispers darkly with every word full of promise. 

"You should be scared." ~

[Note: Once edited changes will be made to the whole story so it makes sense and flows better throughout]
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I love dresses. Shes like the total opposite of me. Clothing and personality