❤❤watching miraculous ladybug❤❤

❤❤watching miraculous ladybug❤❤

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_blossom_flower_ By _blossom_flower_ Updated Jul 04

So the classmates of marinette and adrien were brought to a theater with coaches placed in rows.

What will happen when someone tells them that they are going to watch themselves

How will the others react when the superheros identities are reveled 

Will adrien and marinette realize there love for each other 
Or will they just reject it

Only one way to find out.

jasmae2 jasmae2 Sep 05
Hmm I don't know maybe because he's chat noir!!!.......so stupid
Awesome story. I just love the part of Chloe at the very back. Serves her right!!
Hmmm you dense little cookie. (I'm so mad at myself for this.) 1: Tikki eats cookies 2: Adrien likes cookies (and everything from the bakery... #LetAdrienEat2k17) 3: I ship Adrikie (Adrien and Cookies) 4: I mean, SHE MAKES COOKIES FOR HEAVENS SAKE!
Love the story so far! Bt-dubs your hand writing is actual god damn goals❤️!
Your cursive looks just like mine! I love your printing, it's so neat! I'm dying over the beauty!
                              Someone send mental help.... I'm going crazy over writing,
I like that Chloe is the only one in the back.
                              "Lonely, She is so lonely"