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Flustered ❉ Fred Weasley

Flustered ❉ Fred Weasley

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Cake-Eater By void-fangirl Updated Dec 31, 2016

❝ ouh please Weasley , I'm not even remotely attracted to you❞

❝oh the lies you tell me Martin , honestly I'm quite hurt. I really did think our relationship meant more to you❞

❝too bad it doesn't❞

❝stop lying to yourself love , you and I both know you can't resist me-❞

❝what makes you think that❞

❝hmm I dunno - because you're always flustered when you're around me. But then again who isn't❞


{Fifth year}
{I don't own literally any of the characters in my book , all of it belong to the creators such as J.K Rowling and Jeff Davis}

Argent???? Hmmm lol I'm reading another weasley twins book with a girl with the last name argent🙃
Thought Stiles would be Hufflepuff honestly. He seems like us.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Thats me when my friend has a crush
Stiles is mah bae!!!!! I love him with my heart and soul the poor little spaz