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MBTI types - The 16 Personalities/The Sixteen Personalities

MBTI types - The 16 Personalities/The Sixteen Personalities

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Marium(」゚ロ゚)」 By zarrehsmbti Completed

-BTS' Official Typings Included-
YOU SO NEED TO READ THIS,FAM!Funny and relatable text posts,scenarios,typings of band members and fandoms(BTS[in the famous ---- section],Songs of One Direction,Zayn,Selena music,Muse songs,Lana Del Rey,etc),theories,jokes,preferences and MOREEEEE.All on the amazingly weird and creepily accurate MBTI types(I KNEW IT!I KNEW THEY WERE SPYING ON ME!(」゚ロ゚)」),so enjoy while you can OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN(҂⌣̀_⌣́).Jk,but seriously.You so need to read this.Kinda.Sorta.
Everything about MBTI(well*sweatdrops*almost)from numerous weird but relatable scenarios to preferences and personality sketches.
Disclaimer:I don't own any of these(SADLY(╯︵╰,).Most of the text posts are from thought catalogue and tumblr.
Note:🌼If you have better ideas/typing about any of these,you can just pm me or comment.It is really hard to type fictional characters(and real people even more so),sadly enough.
This book is undoubtedly free to ideas and opinions :).Tell me your typings if you happen to have any.🌼
Whatever you do,just don't start a fight in the comments about the typings -.- like do you even have a life?(noah fence)(yep)
Saranghae & annyeong~!
All the love-

                              JESUS THIS IS TOO ACCURATE
                              '....then panics an finishes problem in like, 10 minutes'
CharlesMontgomery9 CharlesMontgomery9 5 hours ago
There's so many INTPs commenting in these MBTI books… I can't decide if we're more interested in psychology, more nerdy to be on Wattpad more than everyone else, or if we just talk online a lot cuz we don't know how to talk in real life 😅
insanitics insanitics Mar 29
Thank you! You're the first person I've EVER come across while reading a book like this  (Zodiac, personality types, etc.) To say this!
I'm an entj, this is so accurate... my boyfriends also an entj and we like to be cruel together💖 He's honestly meaner than me though so I like to think I keep him from severely hurting anyone😂
I'm an INFJ, and this is really accurate! Except when the adrenaline rush happens I forget things.
-ZxXxH- -ZxXxH- Apr 08
Im ENFP and ESFP...i took the test 2 times and I got a different MBTI both times....
                              But both ENFP and ESFP define me perfectly....😆😆