X-Men Preferences

X-Men Preferences

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Delzie By Elaine_Namikaze Updated Oct 20, 2016

So this is some preferences book kinda thing... just wanna say that hope you enjoy every one of it! You can request though in the comment any requests are welcome and I'll post it up after I consider about it ;)

It's a X-Men revised timelines one (which means FC, DoFP and Apocalypse characters) so if you wanna know who the boys are you can check out the first chap!

You are a mutant in this book *drum rolls* *ba doom tss* hope you like the powers though it's in the first chap too ^-^ again, hope you enjoy!

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binkerbops binkerbops Mar 29, 2017
Peter* try's to run away 
                              Me* put force field in front of him 
                              Peter* runs in to force field fall to the ground
                              Me* claps excitingly " do it again."
Raizenix Raizenix Sep 01, 2017
I love you reader, the Wanda and Peter twins should have been a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
How do you only eat one box of twinkies between yourselves ??? That's not enough
Destiel4_life Destiel4_life May 27, 2017
And I'm not helping my parents??? Bruh, I'd get my ass beat 😂😂
LokiLaura2001 LokiLaura2001 Sep 22, 2017
Michael Fassbender  is very attractive as magneto in the x men movies.
1regan96 1regan96 Jan 19
A scene from the incredibles comes to mind with the running into a fprcefield