Give Me A Reason To Stay Alive?{GarrothxReader~Chan}

Give Me A Reason To Stay Alive?{GarrothxReader~Chan}

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BtsTrash By GarrothIsMahSenpai Updated Apr 03, 2017

Garroth Pov:
Aphmau made her choice and I'm... I dont know. I said I would be fine I'm not. Until I saw you walk up to the gates begging for help. I'm glad I helped you or I wouldn't have found someone to love.

Y/N pov: 
My past. Theift. Murderer. Back stabber. Lier. Emotionless. And for what? Gold? Diamonds? I wanted to get away from all that. I wanted to end my life but there was someone better for me. Someone to help me. Someone to guide me away from this depression. I used to say I feel emotionless before I met you. Now the word is just a patch of grass in a green field to me.

Heyu KITTIES! How does this sound. Good? Bad? Interesting?  Aniwhosies again all characters belong to Aphmau 1 book finally published! I'm happi and there's two more to come. Whi? Idk I guess its just spare time. Baiiiiii now Reader~Chan's!

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Meggi_chan Meggi_chan Aug 23, 2016
Suckung red pale skin uh this sounds like marceline from adventure time
KihyunsPollo KihyunsPollo Aug 05, 2016
No Garroth, I have the answer. SHE'S A PERSON! *Insert astonished face*
LaineyMarie11262003 LaineyMarie11262003 Sep 18, 2016
Ya know, oddly enough i have a friend, named Garroth, who is exactly who you're thinking of rn. Its weird but awesome too.
Sumbodys-Trash Sumbodys-Trash Aug 04, 2016
Wait, what is this tag?  How many people am I supposed to tag?  What do those Japanese words mean in English?
                              (I tried like 3 different translators and the words didn't translate)