Tord x reader ||a new beginning||

Tord x reader ||a new beginning||

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Snyder Dragdire By DAMangle1 Updated Oct 08

My first story!!! TORD x reader (no duh)

Uh... that's it folks

(Y/n) your name
(E/c) eye color
(R/n) random name
(F/f/n) female friend name
(M/f/n) male friend name
(H/c) hair color
(H/l) hair length 
(F/c) favorite color
(L/f/c) least favorite color

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My hair is to flat for a poof ball but that would be fun to have
bean-bab bean-bab Mar 15
Welp.....I just learned another way to move c: **steals my parents money and hides it so we can move somewhere else** (jk nvm)
Aye! I actually have a hoodie that is turquoise irl LMAO. This story knows me :3
I actually have turquoise sheets! Author sama how did u know??
SaturnFlyer SaturnFlyer Oct 02
My hair is so flat on the top of my head i kinda wish i had a tiny poof on my head- XD
*stares at blanket*
                              am i the only one without a turquoise blanket?