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Our Canvas Awaits( Sabriel/Destiel/ Michifer Soulmate AU)

Our Canvas Awaits( Sabriel/Destiel/ Michifer Soulmate AU)

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Literally Satan By YaboiAdamstillinHell Completed

Every person is born with a single tattoo on their ankle that represents their soul mate. As time goes on, the tattoo becomes more vivid incorporating quotes, words, and things their soulmates like. Since the ink seems to connect the two together whenever one person writes something on their body it shows up on their soulmates body too. Castiel Novak loves to laugh at the tiny scribbles of grocery lists and late assignments his forgetful soul mate writes on his arm. Dean Winchester loves seeing his soulmate write down whatever he wrote down in neat fine print so he can read it better. Gabriel Novak loves drawing messed up stuff and stupid jokes on his arm. Sam Winchester likes laughing at the random crap his soulmate writes. Lucifer Mulligan likes looking at the sweet messages his soulmate writes him. Michael Novak loves writing sweet messages for his soul mate. Alex Winchester loves to draw amazing designs and quotes and other things on her wrist when she has nothing else to do. Balthazar Novak loves watching as the small lines appear across his wrist and reading the quotes written in such beautiful ways.  Suddenly the school is forced to do a buddy project where they are put into pairs to do a giant art project what happens when these 6 notice their tattoos growing?

A_Person225 A_Person225 Mar 25
Hopefully he will  notice sometime soon.. Cause so far everyone are idiots
How could Michael not realise it was his handwriting. I can tell mine anywhere
A_Person225 A_Person225 Mar 25
She Literally knows everyone's soulmate now it wont take long till she finds out Micheals
Oh my god Micheal and lucifer are a thing that's so cute I ship it
So when the ink washes off one persons wrist it washes of the other?
@jensenshackles that made me laugh so hard oh my god I'm cracking up