Your Words {GaLe}

Your Words {GaLe}

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GaLe Short Story

Words can define all. It defines love, and it defines hate. 

Levy is the kind to want love. Love from a certain someone that she's been keeping her eyes on. 

Her words could lead him to love her or lead him to hate her. Which will he choose to do? 

{Cover by CoFFeebeaN28}

Oh, when my friends and I say that we literally mean we are going to push you to your crush. They did it for me and I did it for them as payback 😂
30t03a89r1a 30t03a89r1a May 10
You're right there's no such thing as getting "too" obsessed with GaLe!
Not only of a cliff but then get her back up and throwing her again*Me with my friends*
Sapphire_Blue_07 Sapphire_Blue_07 Oct 26, 2016
I think you mixed up your words, the word you were trying to say was YES, as is Y-E-S, yes.
ScarlettRose72 ScarlettRose72 Aug 12, 2016
I wish I was able to use magic and make them kiss right there. It's so awesome so far!
yoonmininfiresme04 yoonmininfiresme04 Aug 12, 2016
I love your new story!😍 And by the way do you know how many chapters are going to be in this story.