Your Words {GaLe}

Your Words {GaLe}

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Kay-Chan By watermixedwithfire Completed

GaLe Short Story

Words can define all. It defines love, and it defines hate. 

Levy is the kind to want love. Love from a certain someone that she's been keeping her eyes on. 

Her words could lead him to love her or lead him to hate her. Which will he choose to do? 

{Cover by CoFFeebeaN28}

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Nerdy_Fangirl2005 Nerdy_Fangirl2005 Jun 13, 2017
Oh, when my friends and I say that we literally mean we are going to push you to your crush. They did it for me and I did it for them as payback 😂
Lol me when my best friend has a crush and won't admit it to him
30t03a89r1a 30t03a89r1a May 10, 2017
You're right there's no such thing as getting "too" obsessed with GaLe!
Alinaferkuan Alinaferkuan Feb 20, 2017
Not only of a cliff but then get her back up and throwing her again*Me with my friends*
Sapphire_Blue_07 Sapphire_Blue_07 Oct 26, 2016
I think you mixed up your words, the word you were trying to say was YES, as is Y-E-S, yes.
ScarlettRose72 ScarlettRose72 Aug 12, 2016
I wish I was able to use magic and make them kiss right there. It's so awesome so far!