Call Me Crazy {septiplier fanfiction} COMPLETED

Call Me Crazy {septiplier fanfiction} COMPLETED

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"Mark! This is Jack, he's a new kid here, from Ireland!" Felix and Ken approached me with a green haired boy by their side. "We thought you might be able to show him around the school!"

this was my first official published book, so yes i know it's very bad. i also do not support this ship anymore, or shipping real people together (unless they are already in a relationship) in general because they are real people with lives, unlike fictional characters who don't exist.
if you like this book regardless, thank you for your support! it is greatly appreciated. but there will be no more septiplier on this account, sorry if i gave you false ideas, so please do not ask if there will be a sequel to this story or bonus chapters. if i still supported the ship then that would be a different story. i am only keeping it on this account due to its popularity and the fact that the majority of my followers like to reread it.
thanks for reading and for your support, i love you all <3


I love death metal. Which scares everyone at my school because it surprises them that I'm into that type of music.
I don't drizzle the syrup onto the pancake... I drown the pancake with syrup
I love homemade cookies so much, and brownies, and cake, all that good stuff XD
ACDcutie52 ACDcutie52 3 days ago
Wait........ I thought molly wasn't coming.....
                              She a wizzard.....
Adorable if they were a couple they would be goals #couplegoaleventhoughetheyarntacouple
True mark but it's love at first sight let the shipping happen! 😂