My Purrincess ~ MariChat

My Purrincess ~ MariChat

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💗 notice meee 💗 By Chocopaws Completed

A new girl named Miranda is in Marinette and Adrien's class. She is one of Chloé's outside of school friend, so Marinette knew this couldn't be good. 

"Hi, I'm Miranda. I love Chat Noir just like Chloé loves Ladybug! Yeah, the duo is so cool but I'm like in love with Chat Noir!"

Marinette is shocked to hear what Miranda had to say. I never knew anybody liked Chat Noir... Well that's a change... Marinette thought.

Marinette thinks she won't be jealous. But let's see who is jealous... Besides her. 

Completed Officially: December 2nd, 2016.

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Marichat.. I thought....WELL I DUN THOUGHT WRONG. nah I'm just playin...or am I?
YourOnlyLovedOne YourOnlyLovedOne Dec 04, 2016
Probably a miranda sing wannabe my gawd I'm so harsh and Mari/Ladybug belongs to Adrien/Chat
ChineseDragon101 ChineseDragon101 Sep 14, 2016
*Glaring At Miranda* She will ruin our ships. . .
                              Get her
Sapphire-Wolf Sapphire-Wolf Nov 13, 2016
I really like it when brunettes have blue/green eyes it just looks so beautiful. But I like my Amber eyes too 😄
JulestheGuls JulestheGuls Jul 12, 2016
miranda watch your back because Marinette and Chat Noir is happening...GOT IT!?!?!
starshine432 starshine432 Nov 12, 2016
Squeeeeeee! Someone likes chat more than lb! 
                              But HOLD UP!
                              She better not be sinking our ships😡