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Creepypasta x Reader: Lemon One Shots

Creepypasta x Reader: Lemon One Shots

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indigoflamingo By indigoflamingo Updated Oct 08, 2014

Requested one-shot lemons with various creepypasta characters.
Feel free to leave a request, in fact, I encourage them! However, please don't feel disheartened if I don't get it done right away. I need to be 'in the mood' to write and if I'm not in the mood, it wont turn out well. 

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

*Warning: The following chapters contain lemons. Lemons are innapropriate erotica stories and fanfictions. Reading this may result in shivers, blushing, biting of lips and a sudden desire to be violated by fictional monsters. Read at your own risk.*

Iinuskaaanuska Iinuskaaanuska Oct 03, 2016
Y u so good at writing?? Read your hetalia one and it was very nice👌 Now I'm over here too, muahahahaa >:3 This time it's Sexual Offenderman x Reader. Thank chu ^3^
Lol THIS HAPPENS TO ME EVERY TIME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED haha how you phrased it though
Frisk-and-Chara Frisk-and-Chara Jun 19, 2015
If ye could take out some of ye time and make a Smile Dog, and or a Grinny Cat one, aye, I dun care if they be human or not, I just like to see good work, and me friend wanted me to ask for the lassy.
ashpunnnnn ashpunnnnn Jan 14, 2015
Can you do a Laughing Jack x reader? And LJ being dominate and aggressive would be gaaaah 0u0
sagalicious sagalicious Sep 21, 2014
Can you do EJ, Laughing Jack, Bloody Painter, Ticci Toby, and/or Lost Silver??? Ox
tangleshadow11 tangleshadow11 Aug 28, 2014
Masky X Reader X Hoody
                              In a lot of fanfics, they are seen together and I'm curious as to what they would be like when they aren't killing or eating cheesecake