Creepypasta x Reader: Lemon One Shots

Creepypasta x Reader: Lemon One Shots

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indigoflamingo By indigoflamingo Updated Oct 08, 2014

Requested one-shot lemons with various creepypasta characters.
Feel free to leave a request, in fact, I encourage them! However, please don't feel disheartened if I don't get it done right away. I need to be 'in the mood' to write and if I'm not in the mood, it wont turn out well. 

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

*Warning: The following chapters contain lemons. Lemons are innapropriate erotica stories and fanfictions. Reading this may result in shivers, blushing, biting of lips and a sudden desire to be violated by fictional monsters. Read at your own risk.*

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That warning bit... You forgot Nosebleeds, Insane Fangirl attacks and slightly more psychotic thoughts
cheapart cheapart Sep 01
Do you think you can do an eyeless Jack x shy reader? That would be really cool
*you have been warned* 
                              me: about what?
                              Author: lemons
                              Me: oh I've seen, done, and heard worse.
                              Author: *troll face*
                              Me: you didn't hear that, let's go.*grabs BEN and jumps into the T.V*
' And a sudden desire to be violated by fictional monsters'
                              JTK: *looks up from sharpening knives* hua? Did ya say something
                              BEN: *facepalms*
Iinuskaaanuska Iinuskaaanuska Oct 03, 2016
Y u so good at writing?? Read your hetalia one and it was very nice👌 Now I'm over here too, muahahahaa >:3 This time it's Sexual Offenderman x Reader. Thank chu ^3^
NabiNeko NabiNeko Jan 21
Lol THIS HAPPENS TO ME EVERY TIME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED haha how you phrased it though