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MCD BOYS x Reader: The Sky Beneath the Sea

MCD BOYS x Reader: The Sky Beneath the Sea

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Mamacita 💐🌷🌺 By aphsmau Updated Mar 12

Y/n was the daughter to King Elliot and Queen Juliet in a village that goes by the name of V/N. Y/N was kinda disappointed by the fact that she is a princess, but hey, life takes you through tough journies. She was a brave young werewolf. She was good at combat and archery. She was a skillful, strong, courageous, beautiful young lady. She would stick up for herself and those in need.No boy has fell in love with her in her village, they would only go for the "worthy" ones. Y/N was super ok with everything, except how her parents would disapprove of how she is. Though she is a werewolf, people still treat her like a normal person. Her parents want her to act like a normal every-day princess. Y/N was afraid for her little sister Maya, that she may become one of those uncaring princesses. She teaches her secretly behind everyone's back. One night, her parents and Maya went off to go to on a journey. She was upset with her parents that they wouldn't take her because she was "different". The next day, everything changed...

                              Thorn midge village  (idk k ;-;)
                              (August) Peridot
Y/N: Adrianne
                              H/C: Black 
                              E/C: Icy Blue 
                              F/C: Cyan 
                              S/F/C: Black 
                              H/L: ShadowFire 
                              B/G: Amethyst
Y/n: Luna 
                              H/c: midnight blue
                              E/c: grey eyes with a tint of blue
                              F/c: light teal
                              S/f/c: pastel mint green
                              H/l:to her knees or ankles
                              V/n: armadura eclipse 
                              B/g: moonstone, pastel pink tourmaline
                              Stormy gray with gold flecks 
                              Storms reign
                              Hair colour: Dark blue
                              Eye colour: One pink, one green
                              Fav. Colour: Purple
                              2nd fav colour: red or white
                              Hair length: long
                              Village name: Coloured Hills
                              Birth gem: A rainbow ruby
Y:N: alexa
                              H/C: pale blond
                              E/C: pale blue
                              F/C: magenta
                              S/F/C: neon green
                              H/L: straight long
                              V/N: oaks villy
                               B/G: ruby