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cowchopcollabs By cowchopcollabs Updated Oct 14, 2016

James glanced at his reflection once more, fiddling with the bottom of his skirt. For the first time in a long time, James was going out in clothes deemed to be more on the feminine side. James rarely did this, only on days where he was feeling extra confident, which was uncommon.

He placed one of his favorite bows delicately into his hair, making sure it stayed. He smiled a little, feeling his chest start to fall light. 

Once James felt satisfied with his appearance, he made his way out the door with his car keys, wallet, and phone. It was a little chilly so he wrapped his light pink sweater around himself.

James wasn't one for social gatherings, such as places where people he never even knew lurked, but he was feeling rather content and decided to visit the local gay bar in his town.

It was dark, almost 10 o'clock when James arrived, it was about a twenty minute drive from where he lived. He decided he wasn't going to stay long, maybe a few drinks then he was out of here. 


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