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CaptainMolly By CaptainMolly Completed

First idea for this came from @CaptainSwan205 who asked me to write this type of situation, hope it's to your liking. 

In a relationship with a somewhat aggressive boyfriend, Neal, Emma Swan feels lost, stuck and alone. One day, someone decides that she isn't the one to save herself anymore, and wants to rescue her from Neal. His name, Killian Jones. 
With his own troubled past, that Emma learns, he's attracted to Emma immediately, for many reasons.

heyguysitssophos heyguysitssophos Jul 13, 2016
No it's not no your not I'm gonna kill Neal if Killy doesn't
OUATcaptainswan2001 OUATcaptainswan2001 Aug 01, 2016
That's the same age gap between me and my brother he is 26 and I'm 14
captainswan_108 captainswan_108 Jul 15, 2016
Killian is such a protective older brother its so cute. My older brother and sister took me to see a rated R movie, the Conjuring 2. I mean they are protective but not that much. He's adorable
heyguysitssophos heyguysitssophos Jul 14, 2016
Ewww Neal go away, and what are you gonna do when you find her?