A Love Story Untold-- A Yato X Reader Fanfiction

A Love Story Untold-- A Yato X Reader Fanfiction

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Scarlett Nightmare By Scarlett_Wind Completed

(COMPLETED) You, are a god of calamity. Soon, you change your ways, as you wander in different countries looking for a partner. You somehow, ended up in Japan, and saw a man with dark hair, and mesmerizing blue eyes, asking people for jobs. You walk up to him, and ask him how much, and he tells you....
5 YEN?!?!?! 

What will happen when you learn about each other's past? What will happen when you meet new people, and get a new familiar? Have fun as you read along with Yato!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Noragami, it belongs to the original author. 

Have fun!

Ayakashi, wait, take off the "Ay"..."Akashi"... [any KnB fan should know who this is, if not, where have you been]
...he used my trick! Um, that was not supposed to be known...
Lol tht dayumed brat Lmfao got played again.... Somehow this really does sound like me cx
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                              Me: *throws the Vegemite* STFU WITH YOUR DEMONIC SONG
hollynhazel hollynhazel Dec 13, 2016
I love this idea! In the future I suggest proof reading your work there were a few typos. Also varying your sentence structure can make your writing more interesting. For instance a lot of the sentences started with you.