A Love Story Untold-- A Yato X Reader Fanfiction

A Love Story Untold-- A Yato X Reader Fanfiction

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Scarlett Nightmare By Scarlett_Wind Completed

(COMPLETED) You, are a god of calamity. Soon, you change your ways, as you wander in different countries looking for a partner. You somehow, ended up in Japan, and saw a man with dark hair, and mesmerizing blue eyes, asking people for jobs. You walk up to him, and ask him how much, and he tells you....
5 YEN?!?!?! 

What will happen when you learn about each other's past? What will happen when you meet new people, and get a new familiar? Have fun as you read along with Yato!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Noragami, it belongs to the original author. 

Have fun!

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Just like screams HENTAI in the streets!! Good thing I'm a God! XD
Ayakashi, wait, take off the "Ay"..."Akashi"... [any KnB fan should know who this is, if not, where have you been]
...he used my trick! Um, that was not supposed to be known...
Literally me!!! Pocky and sushi are the best, hamburgers are good AND NOODLES!!! Or miso soup! I'm hungry!!
Lol tht dayumed brat Lmfao got played again.... Somehow this really does sound like me cx
                              Vegemite: I'm a happy Lil Vegemite as bright as bright can b-
                              Me: *throws the Vegemite* STFU WITH YOUR DEMONIC SONG