Baggage Claim

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Nika_Yaya By Nika_Yaya Completed
Layla has traveled all over the world as a stewardess, hoping to escape the memories she left behind in her hometown. After an accident on a flight forces her back to Geneva, Layla is forced to face the tragedy and broken family she left behind in the small upstate New York town, and realizes that sometimes emotional baggage just needs to be emptied out.
Can we all jut agree that every city has lights therefore every city is the city of lights?
This is so well written and has a natural flow to it. The dialogue helped us readers understand the relationship between Alex and Layla. Your details aren't too much, and not don't lack. It is just right. I'd love to read more of your works! Happy Writing! :)
I like how you give a detailed description of the city and Alex. Good work. IMHO, there are some grammatical mistakes you might want to correct. But overall, awesome piece of writing :)
@sachieee Ahaha! :) There is also a City of lights in Paris, France. :)
I really like the prologue to this story! Excited to read more..
las vegas is the city of lights, paris is the city of love, and new york city is the city that never sleeps.