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Love, Hate//Ed Sheeran

Love, Hate//Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran By GingerNineIncher Updated 4 days ago

Tasha Berns has been loyal to her financing company since she started years ago. She's aching for a promotion, but her boss never brings it up. After a cocky new guy cozies up to her boss and is offered the promotion, Tasha's jealously and anger forces her to step up her game and step into enemy territory.

FangirlLovesNewt FangirlLovesNewt Jul 12, 2016
The guy who played his third night at Wembley exactly one year ago
kenziecakes313 kenziecakes313 Jul 12, 2016
I'm so hype for this. (Is it bad that I want a fight? Like she should shove his hand where the sun don't shine. XD)
lonelylorelei lonelylorelei Oct 24, 2016
HA YES. I can't wait for what I'm about to read, yo. xD Tbh, I love your writing so much. Like, teach me your ways.